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Solar Power Benefits for Accommodation Properties

The benefits for converting an accommodation complex or property over to solar power in the same manner as Eco Hotels is becoming more and more desirable recently due to the ever increasing rise in the price of traditional grid supplied power. Over the last 24 months the costs of traditional power has risen by over 120% and has in turn has really hit hard at the bottom line of running an accommodation business such as a bed & breakfast, motel, or resort.

With an average sized Bed & Breakfast facility of 3 or 4 cabins a 5kw solar system should be all that is needed to ensure that the power requirements of the complex are provided for by the solar system and not having to switch back to the grid for additional power requirements. This is covering for the fact that customers of an accommodation residence are not too focused on the saving of power when they are on holidays as they would be in their own home. Also another factor that has to be considered is that when people are on holidays they like to use appliances that are heavy consumers of electricity such as hot tubs, air conditioning and lighting.


For solar panels in Melbourne the supply and durability of higher quality PV panels such as Jenko are recommended for their durability and longer operational life, and the new series of micro invertors are also a good choice for long operational life. Also it is a good idea to engage the services of equipment installers that are experienced in fitting solar power systems into larger scale building complexes such as accommodation facilities and multi storey buildings, as they have the knowledge to be able to incorporate the components such as the wiring and solar panel placement for the best results both in terms of aesthetics and operation.

For more information visit www.solarsunwerx.com.au

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